• Mango Crepe

    Cooking with Kids: Crepes

    “I can make better crepes than Minado.” “Really Katie? You can make better crepes than the restaurant? Have you ever made crepes before?” “No, but…

  • chef shoes

    Self-Reflection: Becoming a Chef

    I can now cross off Culinary School from my bucket list. I spent a grueling nine months on my feet over a sweltering stove; working during the day then going off to cook for…

  • Tasty Pursuits Smoked Sumatra Coffee Cupcakes 1 - 500

    Smoked Sumatra Coffee Cupcakes

    I live to eat…rather than eat to live. Food means more to me than filling a grumbling belly; it means friends, laughter, creativity and inspiration. A meal is all about the…

  • Northern Thai

    Thai Cuisine – Travelling North for Chicken Larb

    Walk in to any Thai restaurant and you will find the same menu featuring the typical Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup and Green Curry…but having already met Jonathan Bayer and his…

  • chocolate bombe - 900

    Gluten-Free Ginger and Orange Chocolate Bombe (with Giveaway)

    I first found out about Divine Chocolate when Ivy Bakery started selling Divine Chocolate Butter Gooey Cakes and Divine Whoopie Pies. Daniellan had created these chocolatey…

  • tikka masala - 900

    Chicken Tikka Masala Cooking Lesson on Skype

    In a world of Twitter, Facebook, emails and text messages there are still times when we need that personal connection. I have always used Skype to be able to see and talk to…

  • Guinness Cupcakes 1 - 900

    Guinness Cupcakes

    St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate it than to toast with some Guinness cupcakes? That is what my friend Danielle and I thought last year,…

    Ultimate Brownie


      I’m not sure what to name this post. Chewy Brownies? Fudgey Brownies? I don’t want them to be typecast, so I am settling on just…


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